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The most durable and most economical benching system available, Ro-Flo Benching Systems from Rough Brothers are built tough from the ground up. Bench legs of galvanized steel tubing, paired with hot dipped galvanized expanded metal, and side rails of extruded aluminum, provide the most durable bench available. This durable construction resists the moisture and chemicals that corrode the profits right out of other benching systems. Optional plastic corners offer a softer appearance and safer structure.

Increased Growing Area
The unique Ro-Flo floating aisle turns unprofitable aisle areas into profitable growing space; one aisle is all you need! The Ro-Flo floating aisle system allows you to move the access aisle from one side of the greenhouse to the other, or anywhere in between, increasing your growing area by as much as 30%.


With Rough Brothers' Ro-Flo Benches built around watertight, molded plastic Ebb and Flo trays, the Rough Brothers' Ebb and Flo Benching System provides the necessary quality and durability to resist the potentially harsh greenhouse environment. Increased watering efficiency and more uniform plant irrigation control the time and money spent on watering, while improving plant quality.

With the Ebb and Flo System, water and/or fertilizer mix is pumped into each tray, then drained for reuse, cutting use by as much as 50%. The Rough Brothers' Ebb and Flo Benching System provides dry greenhouse aisles and walkways, resulting in low humidity and therefore lower potential for disease. Available in custom widths and lengths, the Ebb and Flo System will suit your needs and structure.


Rough Brothers' Pallet Bench System allows the most efficient material handling for large operations. Available in custom sizes, the Rough Brothers' Pallet Bench System suits any need.

Individual bench tops or trays are constructed in the same manner as Rough Brothers' Ro-Flo bench tops. Bench supports are constructed with a series of rollers running both perpendicular and parallel to the legs, allowing movement in either direction. With the use of air pressure, the pallet is lowered and raised, allowing movement in the other direction. Simple to operate, the Rough Brothers' Pallet Bench System increases efficiency, lowering labor costs.

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Roughbros Greenhouse
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